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Tips for Pet First Aid Awareness Month

For more information visit the Red Cross Pet First Aid Tips for Owners that has links to Apps for your pet.  CLICK HERE

DIY  Basic First-Aid Supplies

– Absorbent gauze pads
– Adhesive Tape (hypoallergenic)
– Antiseptic wipes or spray
– Blanket or towels
– Cotton balls or swabs
– Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) for allergic reactions.  Contact your vet for correct dosage based on your pet’s weight
– Disposable, non-latex, powder-free gloves
-Gauze rolls
– Grooming Clippers (to remove hair around wound site)
– Hydrogen Peroxide (to induce vomiting, call vet or poison control for specific instructions before administering)
-Ice pack
– Nail clippers, appropriately sized for your pet’s nails.
– Nylon leash
-Pillowcase (to confine cats for treatment)
-Pet carrier
-Petroleum jelly (to lubricate thermometer)
-Rectal thermometer (normal pet temp is between 99.5 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit)
-Rubbing alcohol
-Scissors (with blunt ends0
-Sterile saline solution (eye wash)
-Syringes (baby dose size)
-Contact information for your vet, poison control, emergency vet, contact information and emergency contact information




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