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Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley (ASCMV)


The Animal Services Center has kenneling contracts with the City of Las Cruces and Doña Ana County. Any stray or owner relinquished animals that are picked up by these government animal control officers are brought to the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley for care and safety.

  • Strays that are brought in without identification are held for 72 hours.
  • Animals with identification, tags, or microchip are held for five days while an attempt is made to use the identification information to contact owners.
  • The general public may also bring strays they have found directly to the shelter and owners may relinquish their pets to the ASCMV.

Community Outreach

The Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley offers a variety of services to the community.

  • We visit schools and other organizations with education and animal safety presentations.
  • We offer information on low cost spay/neutering services to members of the community on low incomes.
  • We offer information on assistance with pet behavior and training issues and referrals for grief support with the death of a pet.
  • City pet licenses are available through the ASCMV.
  • Pet burials at the Alicia Melgaard Memorial Pet Cemetery are offered thru Doña Ana County Humane Society at 640-0634.

Volunteer Program

Volunteers, 18 years and older, provide support to our shelter services in sixteen different programs. Volunteers are sought all year round. For more information contact the Volunteer coordinator at 382-0018 Ext. 117.

3551 Bataan Memorial West, Las Cruces, NM (map)


Animal Control

Animal Control officers enforce such ordinances as: restraint of animals (leash law), rabies vaccinations, pet license, nuisance (barking), care and maintenance, and all other ordinances under the Municipal Code. Animal Control officers also provide services such as investigating cruelty to animals both as misdemeanor or felony. Traps are available at no charge to the public for any nuisance animal. Owner's animals that have died are picked up and disposed of for a minimal charge of $5 per animal.

1085 Medpark Drive, Las Cruces, NM
(575)528-4100 or 526-0795
Emergency, Nights & Weekends 526-0795


Licensing & Microchipping of Pets

Rapid Return Home
Your licensed/microchipped pet will be listed in our database for quick return. Pet identification may save your pet a trip to the animal shelter.

Additional Holding Time
Licensed/microchipped animals will be held a minimum of five days while a search for the owner is conducted.

Emergency Vet Care

If your injured pet comes in the shelter and the shelter can't immediately locate you, it will make sure your animal sees a veterinarian for emergency treatment. Reimbursement will be optional.

Fees Earmarked For Animals
All license fees are earmarked for educational outreach, animal care, control and shelter. No license fees go into the City general fund.

Pet Lost And Found

If you've found a pet, call the shelter and check lost reports. If you've lost a pet with tags, call the shelter. If it's still wearing its tags, the shelter can tell you over the phone. If it's not wearing tags (tags/collars can fall off), you must physically come to the shelter to look for it. The shelter only holds untagged animals three (3) days, so look often and look quick.


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