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Rabies Awareness, January 2018

Rabies-clinic-2018-JanRabies is a viral disease that affects the nervous system of mammals, INCLUDING HUMANS.  Vaccinations of household pets, along with immediate medical care for humans who are exposed to rabies, are critical components of rabies prevention and control. Dona Ana County has several clinics for the month of January to help you get your pets vaccinated.  To learn more about rabies, visit your vet or visit

Rabies Clinics in Las Cruces
Contact your veterinarian for reduced prices and extended hours during Rabies Awareness Month
Animal Hospital of Las Cruces       (575) 541-6610        3171 N. Main
Arroyo Veterinary Clinic                  (575) 524-0900        825 S. Walnut
Calista Animal Hospital                   (575) 525-1000        1889 Calle de Ninos
El Abrigado Animal Clinic               (575) 589-1818        Country Club Rd, Santa Teresa
East Lohman Veterinary Clinic      (575) 523-5654        1700 E. Lohman
Jornada Veterinary Clinic               (575) 382-1710        2339 Saturn Circle
Mesquite Animal Vaccination Clinic    (575) 650-2000       Call for clinics, (575) 650-200, (575) 650-1021 or (575) 650-9500
Paisano Mobile Animal Clinic         (575) 523-7606        565 Carver Rd.
Schumacher Veterinary Clinic       (575) 524-2894        701 S. Valley
Solano Animal Clinic                       (575) 526-1672        537 N. Solano
Wolfgang Veterinary Clinic            (575) 647-4900

Rabies Clinics, County

Anthony Animal Clinic  Saturday, January 20th & Sunday, January 28th (8:30am-11:30am, 1pm-4pm)    Dr. Caraballo’s Mobile Veterinary Service

Arrey School    Saturday, January 27th (3:15pm-4pm)    Schumacher Veterinary Clinic

Ben Archer Health Clinic, Thorpe Rd.    Sunday, January 28th (10am-3pm)    Wolfgang Veterinary Services

Chaparral, 109 Lisa    Sunday, January 21st (10am-3pm)    Mesquite Animal Vaccination Clinic

East Picacho Elementary    Saturday, January 27th (8am-3pm)    Schumacher Veterinary Clinic

Garfield Elementary    Saturday, January 27th (2pm-2:45pm)    Schumacher Veterinary Clinic

Hatch City Hall    Saturday, January 27th (10:30am-12:30pm)    Schumacher Veterinary Clinic

La Mesa Fire Dept. (old)    Saturday, January 13th (10am-4pm)    Mesquite Animal Vaccination Clinic

La Union Community Center    Saturday, January 13th (1pm-2pm)    El Abrigado Animal Clinic

Mayfield High School    Saturday, January 27th (10am-3pm)    Wolfgang Veterinary Services

Mesquite Fire Dept.    Saturday, January 27th (8am-4pm)    Mesquite Animal Vaccination Clinic

Moongate Water Co.    Saturday, January 20th (12pm-3pm)    Mesquite Animal Vaccination Clinic

Radium Springs Fire Dept.    Sunday, January 21st (10am-3pm)    Wolfgang Veterinary Services

Rincon Water Co.    Saturday, January 27th (8am-10am)    Schumacher Veterinary Clinic

Sunland Park City Hall    Saturday, January 13th (2:30pm-4:30pm)    El Abrigado Animal Clinic

Talavera Fire Dept.    Saturday, January 20th (10am-3pm)    Wolfgang Veterinary Services

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