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Boxer Found

Boxer Found at 960 S. Triviz Drive, Stull Storage Unit. Found this at 8am, Monday, April 23, 2018. Looks well cared for. 575-525-2927.


Found Male Black Lab Mix

Found Male Black, Lab Mix at Mesa Middle School campus the last day of school (May 24th).  Please contact Tina at Save


Found Female Young Shepherd Mix

Found Young Shepherd Mix female, between Motel Blvd and Avenida de Mesilla in the morning of Friday, September 2nd.  Not fully grown.  No microchip.  (Reportedly found by someone else a day or two earlier and then escaped from them).  Found report will be made at


Found Small Brown Dog between Walnut and Triviz

Found small brown female dog at 2345 Nevada St., Las Cruces NM between Walnut and Triviz at about 10am on Wednesday, August 25th, 2016.  She has brown fur, brown eyes, floppy ears, a wrinkled forehead and a white patch, weigh ~12-15lbs.  Found report has been


Found on median of I-25 off Dona Ana Exit

Found this very sweet girl this morning in the median of I-25 just off the Dona Ana exit at about 8:45 am Friday, 08-19-16.  Took her to see if she was chipped, she is not.  Looking for her owners.  She’s playful & very sweet. Please


Two Dogs Found on Dona Ana Road

Two dogs found on Saturday, August 6th around 5:30 pm on Dona Ana Road a little north of Pic Quik. Please contact Jacque at 575-524-1358.